This vegetarian menu is brilliant for a relaxed al fresco hang out. We've put together this menu for 6 people, with 5 delicious recipes inspired by Middle Eastern sharing mezzes. Picture a group of your friends, nonchalantly sipping wine around an array of various vegetarian dips and dishes. The best part, most of these can be made in advance to avoid any last minute running around.

For Starters

With a few curries going on for the main course, it's best to keep it simple for starters. So instead, make a batch of roast nuts to serve as a nibble when your guests arrive. They are certainly moreish and set the tone for what's yet to come. You can also use them as a complimentary topping for the butternut curry, which adds a lovely crunch to the dish. 

Greek Yellow Split Pea Fava Dip

Made from roasted red peppers, molasses, walnuts and spice, Muhammara is a moreish mezze dip. It only gets better after a day in the fridge, so it's ideal to make ahead!

The Main Event

The recipes for this dinner party main course can both be made in advance, and benefit from it too. Bringing those following the outing of the dips allows for a pick and mix, where your guest can make their own pittas and plate arrangements. 

Lamb Souvlaki with Anchovy Marinade

A crisp and crunchy exterior encasing a fluffy, herb-rich centre, there’s little arguing that Falafel is spectacularly delicious. Flavouring them with the zingy Yemenite sauce Zhoug makes for a flavour packed twist that's sure to please.

Greek Salad with Honey Feta Croutons

This much loved Middle Eastern salad is a staple among many a mezze feast - and rightly so, the parsley-forward salad brings a fresh herbaceous hit to any table. We’ve added grilled peach segments to further brighten this summery salad.

The Sweet Treat

Room for dessert? Baklava always delights, and served with coffee will go down a treat. It makes for a great dinner party dessert too as it can be made up to 3-5 days ahead. Really pushed for time? No stress, pick up a few baklava slices from your local Turkish shop, no one will hold it against you. 

Walnut & Honey Cakes

Filled with nuts, layers of buttery filo and soaked in an aromatic syrup, baklava is so moreish, and not hard to recreate at home. In this version, we have used walnuts and flavoured the sugar syrup with coffee, which pairs wonderfully well with the nuts and balances out the sweetness of baklava.

Dinner Party Shopping List & Plan of Action

Want a stress-free dinner party? If you're not sure where to start, we've got you.
Get your hands on our Dinner Party Plan of Action.

You'll get:
• A full shopping list for each recipe to ensure you’re well supplied
 (no last minute runs to the shop!)
• A plan of action to ensure that everything comes together stress-free and on time

This way you know what to cook when, taking the guessing work and anxiety out of the equation. Ensuring you can enjoy hosting as much as your guests will enjoy the food.