If there is one thing and one thing only that is brilliant when living in London it is Brunch. Whether you are an early riser or a late bird, you can roll out of bed and wander the streets of London in search of your first meal and you're likely to find any thing you like, served at pretty much anytime. And it is something we partake in more often than we'd like to admit. Eggs are perhaps our favourite thing we like to have on weekends, and they quite often take the form of Shakshuka. They are to us the perfect balance between hearty and healthy, to be snaffled up with crusty sourdough. Here's our best recommendations where you too can get your fix in London.
The green shakshuka tastes vibrant, fresh and so delicious.
Honey & Co's lovely interior and tiled floors.
The red Shakshuka has two perfectly baked eggs in a tomato sauce that's rich, smoky and so perfectly spiced, you would be happy with just that and a spoon. The Green Shakshuka is a perfect foil to the red, the spinach and herbs are fragrant and fresh, whilst packing huge amounts of flavour. Both are served with their own individual garnishes - the red, a slice of soft, sweet milk bread and zingy coriander zehug. The green - goats yoghurt and sesame simit. This really underpins the offering at Honey and co. - it feels special, 
The service was friendly, service usually is, but it felt genuine, 
Both shakshukas were spectacular and would have been perfect with just a slice of toast, but each one had it's own tailored garnishes - it feels like everything has been thought about just that little bit more: the cardomom coffee is served in a brass coffee pot, whilst the babka is placed on a beautiful traditional tile. The devil is very much in the details and at honey and co. given that the base level is already so high, that extra attention to detail makes it something very special indeed. 
the restaurant itself is cosy and intimate, yet feels light and airy 
Best for: The shakshuka and chocolate & hazelnut babka.
Addresses: 25a Warren St, London, W1T 5LZ
Abuelo is set in a quiet street around Covent Garden.
Abuelo's Huevos Divorciados are a thing of beauty to get stuck in.
Tucked away from the bustling streets of Covent Garden, stepping into Abuelo feels like a haven of calm. The space is small and cosy, with a huge wooden table to gather around and feels immediately calming with the large artwork with blue and green tones hanging on the walls. Everything in this Aussie cafe seems to have been meticulously thought through, from the chairs with carvings of the Outback, to the impecable and flavourful coffee, to the delicious food. 
We probably didn't exchange more than 3 words whilst devouring our Huevos Divorciados when we were there. No, we didn't just have an argument, it was just this delicious. Perfectly poached eggs laying over fresh labneh, and drizzled with smokey salsa roja and a fragrant chimichurry sauce. And to top it off, crusty sourdough bread, and lots of it. No more stretching half a crust for a whole egg!
The word 'Abuelo' translates to 'grandfather', and we definitely felt whilst exiting the cafe like we'd just received a warm and soothing hug from a wrinkly grandpa, with a twinkle in his eye. 
Address: 26 Southampton St, London WC2E 7RS
Best for: Huevos Divorciados and the Columbian coffee. 
A brilliant spread of Shakshuka, pitta, hummus, roast aubergine, labneh, merguez & babka.
The Good Egg's new Soho location.
Nestled in a small street, behind the busy streets of Covent Garden, Bageriet offers a tranquil and cosy atmosphere, perfect for Fika. With a multitude of authentic and seasonal Swedish sweet treats, from Semlor to Princesstårta, Bageriet is a true delight when you feel like discovering Scandinavian cinnamon buns and Semlor cakes. As a testament to the merits of this traditional bakery is the fact that one of our Swedish friends actually brings Bageriet's Princesstårta to her brother who lives in Paris every year for his birthday. It's simply his favourite Swedish cake and there is none more authentic in the area.
Best for: Middle Eastern sharing plates and their infamous babka.
Any favourite brunch spots in London you think we're missing out on? Make sure to comment below, we' want to hear all about it.
Three Pepper Shakshuka.jpg
Shakshuka is one of our favourite weekend breakfast treats and it is so easy to make. This slight twist to the classic really embraces the pepper. We’ve substituted the tomato with a smokey roast romano pepper sauce, in which you’ll find some sweet green and yellow bell peppers and finally, dotted over the top are some charred pickled guindillas.


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