London's best scandinavian bakeries you need to try
French croissants get the most hype when it comes to pastries, but we tend to have a soft spot for Scandinavian pastries. Perhaps it's the fact that Sam is half Swedish or my unconditional love for cinnamon. Either way, we are often roaming the streets of London looking for a sweet fix to go with our coffee. If, like us, you're also a cinnamon bun lover, here are the best places in London to try them.
Could you really resist such a delightful window shop? Well, we certainly couldn't.
Ole & Steen's Cinnamon Social Slice is our favourite. 
We came across Ole & Steen by chance last year, when wondering around Picadilly Circus. To our amusement, every passer-by could not resist the Danish bakery's eye-catching window shop, lined with mouth-watering glazed pastries, and dainty cakes.

We were quick to follow the rest of the crowd. After a long deliberation, we found ourselves gingerly sitting with a hot coffee and our cheeks filled with sweet dough, out of our choice of 5 pastries. Needless to say, this became our weekend destination for the next three months, as we found new pretexes to run errands in Central London.

Evidently not the only Londoners to notice the stylish Scandi spot, Ole & Steen have since expanded and now have no less than 8 bakeries throughout the city.
We absolutely love their Social Slice, a cinnamon heavy, rich sweet dough laden with a white glaze, but you can also come here for a quick lunch or bring back a loaf of rye bread home with you. Whether you have the chance to live near one, we urge you to make a little detour there very, very soon.
Best for: Cinnamon Social Slice
Addresses: St Jame's Market, Richmond, Canary Wharf, Bedford Avenue, Victoria, Wigmore Street, Westfield, High Street Kensington.
Fabrique Bakery in Shoreditch is set under railway arches.
Fabrique's buns are a thing of wonder. We love the cardamom ones, although they are all phenomenal.
Bitting into a cardamom bun from Fabrique Bakery will just bring a smile to your face. In one mouthful you can taste the care, fragrant spices, and butter that was put into each of these wonderful Swedish delicacies. Sticky on the outside and pillowy inside, the buns are wonderfully balanced and will leave you wanting for more.
After sampling quite a few around town, these are as delicious as they are beautiful and have truly become our favourites. As they have branches throughout London, you are sure to find one within reachable distance. Happy days!
Address: Shoreditch, Covent Garden, Notting Hill, Fitzrovia.
Best for: Cardamom and cinnamon buns
Nestled in a small street, behind the busy streets of Covent Garden, Bageriet offers a tranquil and cosy atmosphere, perfect for Fika. With a multitude of authentic and seasonal Swedish sweet treats, from Semlor to Princesstårta, Bageriet is a true delight when you feel like discovering Scandinavian cinnamon buns and Semlor cakes. As a testament to the merits of this traditional bakery is the fact that one of our Swedish friends actually brings Bageriet's Princesstårta to her brother who lives in Paris, every year for his birthday. It's simply his favourite Swedish cake and there is none more authentic in the area.
Address: Covent Garden
Best for: Authentic Swedish bakes, the cinnamon bun is lovely too.
This is only a small selection of Bageriet vast choice.
In a tiny street, the bakery makes for a cosy spot.
Do you have any favourite Scandinavian bakeries in London that we didn't mention? Make sure to comment below, we'd love to know.


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