For many, the idea of grilling is a summer business, to be enjoyed outdoors. Well unlike most, we aren't patient enough to limit ourselves to a few months of the year. 

We're not sure where our (slight) addiction to charred food comes from. I personally blame my Dad. Growing up in South Africa, he was pretty much brought up on brai, aka barbecue, which is part of everyday life there. Although he has left his home country many decades ago, this practice still endures and as soon as the snow has melted and the first rays of sunshine come through, he'll get the barbecue going - I think we once had one in late February!

To give him some credit though, grilling food does taste absolutely fantastic. Its distinct charcoal-like flavours just seem to intensify the flavours of every meat, fish or vegetables.

Smokey Lamb Kofte and Pepper Sauce
Grilled on a cast iron griddle pan, these middle eastern meatballs  are fragrant, smokey and delicious. Lamb is particularly well suited for grilling, releasing both fat and flavour. Served with an unctuous tomato & roast pepper sauce and dressed with tahini yoghurt, this dish truly packs a punch. 

It all sounds very good, but without a garden, it can be quite difficult. We have discovered though, to our delight, that even if like us you don't have space or a place to grill outside, you absolutely can make indoor grilling an option all year round.


A cast-iron grill pan is perfect for indoor grilling: it holds heat exceptionally well and takes very little space in the kitchen. We acquired one a few years ago, and it has since remained on our hob, never to stay in our kitchen drawers for much longer than a few days. It has enabled us to enjoy the charred and smokey flavours 365 days a year. From meatballs to peppers or bread, we've put our Le Creuset Grill through pretty much everything, and it has never failed us.

Grilled Ratatouille Above.jpg
Ratatouille is a wonderfully versatile dish celebrating exquisite vegetables. In this variation to the classic Provençal vegetable stew, we have grilled the vegetables individually, giving a smoky charred flavour, and then combined them with a carrot and pepper sauce and herb dressing. A perfect summery incarnation of a classic. 

Are you a grilling fanatic like us? Ever find yourself reminiscing about your epic BBQ party you threw last summer?


Get your hands on the Le Creuset Grill Plate on Amazon. 

Then, enjoy the delicious charred flavours with these recipes:


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