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We love food, but as with all things in life, we believe in a healthy balance. These recipes provide big flavour that allow for greater moderation.
Vietnamese Bun Cha
A Vietnamese dish of smoky pork patties served with a fragrant, sharp dressing
Healthy Buckweat Banana Bread with Pecans
Easy to make and healthy, this banana bread is deeply satisfying
Crunchy Thai Peanut Salad
Fresh and crunchy, this salad will pair beautifully with grilled meat
Chicken Parmigiana
We've added chicken to this classic italian bake with tomato & aubergine
Mustard Leaf and Gruyère Cheese Quiche
Mustard leaves pair well with gruyere cheese in this healthy French staple
Sunshine Apricot Smoothie
Kick start your day with this apricot, turmeric & ginger smoothie
Sweet Thai Chicken Thighs
Sticky, sweet and rich, it is best served with a fresh salad and chili sauce
Morning Muesli Bars
Grab these muesli bars for a healthy breakfast on-the-go, packed with fiber
Padron Peppers
Blistered peppers with smoked sea salt and lemon zest
Deliciously sweet and juicy, these will quickly become a fridge staple
Prawn Tacos
Spicy prawns paired with a fresh lime and avocado cream
Healthy protein pancakes
Packed with protein and healthy ingredients to fuel your workout
Vietnamese Duck Bun Vit Nam Bo
This vietnamese noodle salad is a wonderfully moreish meal
Swiss Italian Chard with Chili
With bold Mediterranean flavours  this vegetable side dish packs a punch
Healthy Chocolate Peanut Cookies
These moreish cookies are refined sugar and gluten free and delicious
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