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Have you ever struggled to keep your tortillas warm?

We sure did. Sam and I love Mexican food and enjoy making our own fresh corn tortillas for our tacos. The tricky part was to keep them warm! So we did what most people would, we got a tortilla warmer from Amazon.

And, our purchase performed well and kept our tortillas super warm for a really long time.
The issue? It looked pretty appalling. Like that stereotypical Mexican look, with colourful maracas and the like. So we had a look around and tried to find something that worked just as well but was a little bit more aesthetic, something we would be proud to showcase on our dinner table. Well, we didn’t find any. So we decided to make our own!

The result is our Cotton Tortilla Warmer! We’d like to think that you’d be as happy as we are to display it on your dinner table and to use it to keep your corn tortillas nice and toasty.

Now we like added challenges and so we set ourselves the task to make this tortilla warmer with natural and eco-friendly materials. Not only did this feel right for the planet but also felt nicer to know that our food is in contact with natural fabrics.

If you cannot wait to get your own Cotton Tortilla Warmer, pre-order now from the link below.

Additional information


Interior: 100% Organic Cotton
Exterior: 100% Cotton
Insulation: 2 layers LDPE plastics with 1% prodegradant additive & 1 layer PA/Nylon BPA free.


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