6 puff pastry recipe ideas
Let's be frank, puff pastry is an absolute nightmare to make. We really enjoy making things from scratch - a shortcrust pastry is no big deal - but after spending around 5 hours labouring away to get a puff pastry that may or may not rise, we simply rely on the store-bought version. But then what to do with it? From sweet to savoury, pies to tarts, this rich and buttery dough is actually incredibly versatile and can make a dish even more delightful. Here are some recipe ideas to instil a new breath of decadence to your creations. 
Fig, Goat's Cheese and Bayonne Ham Tart
To be completely honest, we tried a version of this recipe with shortcrust pastry during the test runs and compared it to the puff pastry version. Well, as you might have guessed it just didn't cut it. The multiple layers of puff bring a lightness to this summery tart, and yes, perhaps a buttery taste that makes it even more French and delicious, bien sûr. 
Guinea Fowl and Mushroom Pie
An inevitable classic and cultural British symbol: the Pie. Definitely made better with flaky buttery pastry, this recipe combines delicate guinea fowl and the umami flavour of mushrooms. Served in individual pot pies, you'll definitely want to get stuck in. 
Watercress and Fennel Salmon en Croûte
A dinner party centrepiece like no other, Salmon en Croûte is wonderfully decadent and sure to impress your guests. It is actually not as hard to make as you might think, especially with store-bought puff pastry. The watercress and fennel in this version add a freshness which brings balance to this rich dish. 
Cranberry and Brie Sausage Rolls
A classic party food in Britain, soggy store-bought sausage rolls can get a bad rep and get left in the corner of the buffet table. They are genuinely so easy to make and taste ten times better when they come out fresh from your oven. We've added cranberry and brie cheese for extra flavour, and they are usually gone in seconds. 
Turkey and Chesnut Pithivier
The English were not the only ones to see the brilliance in encasing food in pastry: here comes the Pie's French cousin, the Pithivier. No dish is required to bake it, but rather two disks of puff pastry, and a delicious filling. This recipe is bound to transform any leftovers you have in a stunning centrepiece. 
Poppy Seed and Three Cheese Straws
Any cheese lovers amongst you? We sure are and love this cheese heavy recipe. Put aside boring bags of crisps, and bake these moreish cheese straws ahead when hosting. You're bound to have guests fighting for them if you haven't already snuffled half as soon as they came out of the oven.
If these recipes did not make you excited enough to run to your nearest grocery store to get puff pastry, we don't know what will. But perhaps you'll find these other less buttery and, let's be honest, less calorific pastry based recipes below more to your taste. Or just a tasty salad then?


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