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Recipe Inspiration
Bolognese at its Best
Beef Cheek Bolognese
Our version of Bolognese uses Beef Cheek to create a wonderfully rich and decadent version of this classic dish. Exemplifying Bolognese a comforting treat.
Coffee & Walnut Cake with Tahini Buttercream
Coffee & Walnut Cake with Tahini
We have added a mascarpone-tahini buttercream to this delightful Coffee & Walnut Cake - deepening the rich and nutty flavours of this cake.
Chicken Pad Thai with Crispy Chicken Skin
Chicken & Prawn Pad Thai
A little sour, sweet, spicy and best of all, fast! It’s easy to understand Pad Thai’s appeal. We’ve added crispy chicken skin for added texture and flavour.
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