By Carmen | 12 December 2020
This year has certainly been trying in quite a few ways, such as seeing less of friends, colleagues and family amongst other things. As a result I decided to go big and send out homemade biscuit boxes for Christmas to show loved ones that I was thinking of them, even if I couldn’t meet up. If you’re keen to send a box of homemade treats to those you’ve missed seeing or simply want to bake a few Christmas biscuits, here are the recipes and tips to do so.

1. Picking your Christmas Biscuits

I decided to make a selection of British biscuits that I believe would keep and hold up fairly well when shipped. I also wanted a little variety of flavours and shapes to make sure there was something for everyone to enjoy.

Tip: If you know that some of your friends and relatives really like a type of biscuit, simply cutting it in a star or tree shape will give it a Christmas feel!

I ended up opting for 4 different kinds of bakes: 


Digestive Biscuits may not have the sexiest name but boy are they moreish! And these Hazelnut & Chocolate Digestive Biscuit recipe truly transforms them into a delicious and decadent biccy to enjoy with your afternoon tea. Made with oats, whole wheat flour, and in this version hazelnuts, the nutty little biscuits are super easy to make. They also make great gifts for friends and family.


The middle-eastern spice Sumac brings a delicate lemony and cranberry-like brightness, that perfectly offsets the rich buttery shortbread. A white chocolate finish makes for the ultimate decadent sweet treat that shall delight everyone. Make them into a tree shape with white chocolate for snow for a festive look.


Millionaire’s Shortbread is a treat that few seem to be able to resist. Combining three delightful layers of buttery shortbread, luscious caramel and dark chocolate, all in a little square bite-sized morsel it is rich yet wonderfully moreish. A little whiskey added to the caramel layer brings subtle floral notes to the decadent sweet treat of Scottish origins.


Grasmere gingerbread is unlike any biscuit I have personally come across in my lifetime. The base is hard, with a little chew, whilst the top is covered with delightful a crumble, and the whole lot is in the shape of large rectangles. With added stem ginger, the zing of ginger really comes through is this delicious traditional British biscuit. 

2. Prepping your biscuit ingredients

When baking, especially in a larger quantity, preparation is key! There’s nothing worse than realising at the last minute that you’re missing an ingredient. My recommendation here is planning out the number of people you’re planning to send out your boxes to and adjust the quantities accordingly. Then, you’ll know exactly how much of each ingredient to get.

I’ll share my spreadsheet here so that you can calculate straight away how much you’ll need.

3. Prepare your boxes

I found that one of the biggest challenges in creating a Christmas Cookie Box was factually finding a suitable box for all the biscuits to go into! Whilst I considered tin boxes, I ended up opting for those white ones with a little window, as I was able to get quite a good quantity.

To create different sections I cut up some cardboard (from delivery boxes I had saved and put aside in the weeks leading up to Christmas) in the height of the boxes and lengths. I used one horizontal and one vertical strip and made a cut in the centre of each, halfway through so that they could slot into each other and stay upright. You can of course make more or fewer strips, depending on how many slots you need.

Then, I placed the strips inside the boxes, covered them with tissue paper, both to create a textured background and for protecting the biscuits. Next, I added baking parchment to keep the baked goods from sticking or staining the paper and box. 

4. Baking your biscuits

Once you know you have all your ingredients, the right quantities and your boxes are prepped it’s time to bake! Here are my two cents for this step:
  • • Set aside the whole weekend for this. That way you have ample time to make everything and there’s no stressing out.
  • • Start with the biscuit that will keep for longer first. In this case, start with the Grasmere gingerbread, the digestive biscuits, the sumac shortbread, and the millionaire’s shortbread. In the case of the millionaire’s shortbread though, you can make the shortbread base a day in advance.
  • • Measure all your ingredients before starting and prep your trays in advance. When dealing with multiple bakes, a little organization goes a long way.
  • • Make sure you have space! With quite a lot of baking going on, you’ll need all the space you can get! With biscuits needing to cool or chocolate to set, leaving your dining table and any kitchen surface free of clutter will help your process. Also, keep a shelf in the fridge empty and ready for the cooling of the millionaire’s shortbread.
  • • Use electric tools if you have them. If you have stand mixers and electric whisks get them out and make the most of them! This will make the process considerably more efficient.
  • • Pair tasks together. Once my biscuits were baked I set them aside and left the chocolate dipping for the digestives and sumac shortbread for later. 

5. Packing and decorating your boxes

Now comes the packing up! You can wrap the sturdier biscuits with ribbon, like digestives, before placing them in their slots. Generally, pack your biscuits fairly snug in the box to avoid them from moving around too much. Spruce your box up with ribbons, and add little paper cut-outs or confetti.

Tip: You can buy little Christmas decorations to go in your box. This is not only a lovely little present but is also great if you want to bake a little fewer biscuits or if one goes awry! I found little felt Christmas animals to be great options as they are so cute and will withstand shipping, unlike baubles.

6. Send Off!

Once your cookies are baked and nicely packed in your boxes, it’s time to get into the hands of your loved ones. If you live in the UK, I can vouch for Gophr, a same-day courier delivery service that’ll hand-deliver your gifts safely. I had all of the boxes picked up from our place and delivered across London within a few hours! Now if you’re sending it further afield, I suggest packing them in a sturdy cardboard box with padding all around it like crumpled-up paper or bubble wrap.
A homemade Christmas Cookie Box demands a little work, but it is such a lovely gift to make, that friends and family are sure to enjoy it! I hope these recipes and tips helped you in planning your own British Christmas Cookie Box. Please let us know how you got on and if you made some yourself!


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