1 JANUARY 2023
You may or may not have gathered but we're pretty obsessed about all things edible - and a few more things too! As we regularly stumble upon some great finds, food or no, and we thought we'd share our favourites with you!

Happy New Year! We had a more quiet year here, as we were knee down in the renovation of our very first flat, located in London. After a festive break, we're back refuelled and ready to take on 2023. Here is one of our recent favourite finds that is brilliant for January. Be it for that extra post-illness pick-me-up shot or that new-year-new-me health kick. 

Feeling a little under the weather? Our favourite discovery when we need that extra boost in the winter months are shots! No, not that kind, as our uni days have long passed (how fast does the time go!?). We've instead swapped weekly tequila shots for turmeric shots

Whenever we feel a runny nose approaching or a bit of a slump we reach for these colourful Moju Turmeric Shots. The little bright orange bottles look tantalising, but let me tell you YOU WILL FEEL IT. Made using whole food ingredients cold-pressed into a single dose, the shot delivers a real spicy boost and enlivens you right away!

We have so far tried the turmeric and vitamin D shots from the Moju brand and they are a hot hit in our house. On our radar are their Vitamin C and their new prebiotic shots. How about you, have you tried turmeric shots yet?

How About You?

What have been your discoveries and these last few weeks? Let us know as we always enjoy hearing what you stumbled upon as we get to discover lots of new things!


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