By Carmen | 15 October 2023
Eating seasonally comes with limitations - no cherries in October! - but most importantly a whole host of benefits. Seasonal foods are inherently fresher and more nutritious, delivering much, much more flavour to your dishes. Pumpkin and squash season is at its peak in October, and what better than to make the most of it, knowing it'll be at its tastiest right now.

By savoring British fruits and vegetables in their prime, you also nourish your body with the nutrients it craves and is meant to consume at this time of year. As one season ends, another beckons with a new array of tempting delights, making seasonal eating an endless journey of pleasure, variety, and discovery

In the UK, October is a time of transition as the summer harvests dwindle, and autumn's bounty takes centre stage, with lots of exciting and delightful fruits and veg.
Here's a guide to what to eat in October in the UK, according to the natural seasonal produce.


  • Artichokes: Artichokes come to the end of their season around October-November. They may appear intimidating, or a faff to make, but artichokes can truly be delicious! Cook until tender, and enjoy by dipping the leaves and savouring the heart with a knife and fork.
  • Apples: October is synonymous with apple picking. Visit orchards across the UK and choose from an array of apple varieties, such as Bramley, Cox's Orange Pippin, and Russet. Apples can be enjoyed as snacks, made into comforting desserts, or turned into a delicious sidekick to your Sunday roast pork.
  • Blackberries: Blackberries are a versatile fruit bridging late summer and early autumn. As the cooler days near, they find their way into comforting pies when paired with apples. They freeze well for use in winter desserts with apples or pears. 
  • Chestnuts: The first signs of chestnuts appear in October. Peeling chestnuts is a time-consuming task, best tackled when you have some leisure time. Cut slits or crosses in the shells, part-cook the nuts by roasting, and then peel them to reveal the chestnuts. This be a bit finicky but is easier while the nuts are warm. Once peeled, chestnuts can be cooked in a variety of ways often to the consistency of cooked potatoes but with a wonderful nutty taste. 
  • Figs: Sadly, October is the last opportunity to get your fix of figs. Figs make versatile starters with ham, delightful desserts when roasted with honey and seasonings, and a great addition to cheese boards.
  • Grapes: The grape harvest season generally spans from late summer to early autumn, October being the latest really. They are perfect for snacking, and adding to fruit salads, but we also love roasting them and sneaking them in savoury dishes. 
  • Leeks: Leeks are widely available and are at their peak in the UK between September and March. Cook them until just tender, as undercooked leeks are tough, and overcooked ones become a tad squidgy. Braising, boiling, or steaming are suitable cooking methods, with braising taking 10 to 30 minutes depending on size. They're perfect for enhancing soups, stews, and accompanying potatoes and cheese in comforting autumn dishes.
  • Nuts: Both walnuts and hazelnuts reach their prime in early autumn. During this season, the nuts inside their hard shells offer peak flavour and quality. Walnuts are versatile for snacking, baking, and enhancing various dishes, while hazelnuts, bring their unique taste and crunch to sweet and savoury recipes. Whether you're crafting autumnal salads or desserts, these nuts add a delightful touch to your autumnal culinary creations.
  • Quince: A bit of an overlooked fruit, quince is usually at its prime in the late autumn, typically from October to November. Quinces are typically cooked before eating, as their raw flesh is too tough and astringent. They are often used in preserves, poached, or baked into pies and tarts. When cooking quinces, their flesh transforms into a soft, fragrant delight.

10. Pumpkins: Pumpkins, a quintessential autumn ingredient, come into their prime during late Autumn and are really the star produce of October. These vibrant, orange gourds are celebrated for their versatility in both sweet and savory dishes. Whether you're carving jack-o'-lanterns for Halloween, making hearty soups, this season is the best time to enjoy the rich, earthy flavours and vibrant colours that pumpkins bring to your autumn cooking.

11. Pears: Just like apples, pears come into their prime in October. They are typically picked slightly under-ripe and ripen further after picking. You may want to store them at room temperature to accelerate ripening before using. Eat them fresh, poached, or baked into a cake. 

12. Root Vegetables: Autumn is the season of root vegetables like carrots, celeriac, and beetroots. These hearty vegetables are perfect for roasting, mashing, or adding to stews and soups for warmth and sustenance. 

13. Game Meat: As the shooting season begins, game meat becomes widely available. Try guinea fowl, partridge, and venison for a unique and richly flavored dining experience.

14. Squash: Butternut squash, marrow, acorn, and other varieties of squash become abundant in October. To prepare, use a large knife to cut the squash carefully, scoop out the seeds and fibrous strings, and then slice or dice as needed. Roast them, make creamy soups, or stuff them with your favorite fillings.

15. Greens: Swiss Chard and kale are versatile greens, that start coming in season in October and abound during the coldest months of the year. They are perfect for sautéing with garlic as a side dish or featuring in hearty soups. 

16. Wild Mushrooms: October is a great time for foraging wild mushrooms, like chanterelles and porcini. These earthy delicacies can elevate your autumn recipes like no other. 
By embracing the natural seasonal produce available in the UK in October, you can enjoy the freshest, most flavourful ingredients while supporting local UK farmers and making a more sustainable choice too. Win win win, right?


This Autumn, celebrate the abundance of October by relishing the delicious, wholesome offerings provided at this time of year. Check out these flavourful seasonal recipes - promise you won't miss skipping your usual tomato shop!


A timeless French dessert, the classic Tarte Tatin is here enhanced with miso into the caramel. This infuses the tart with a delightful balance of salty umami that beautifully complements the sweet apples. A recipe perfect for fall that is sure to delight. 


Rice pudding is a beloved dessert enjoyed worldwide, with countless delightful variations. Its ease of preparation and versatility make it a year-round favourite. In our rendition of Indian rice pudding, known as Kheer, we've elevated it by incorporating a blackberry compote into the cardamom-infused sweet rice. This version is also plant-based but certainly no less comforting!


Set aside any outdated dinner party associations; Stroganoff has always been and continues to be a true delight. It's indulgent enough to warm your soul, with a nostalgic charm that brings a smile. Our vegetarian version places mushrooms at the forefront, offering a burst of earthy richness. Complemented by sweet, nutty chestnuts, this Stroganoff gains depth and texture, making it the perfect Autumnal treat. Ideal for a light meal for four or an even more indulgent feast for two!


Sweet figs and tangy goat's cheese make a great pair, and they really come alive when combined with Jambon de Bayonne, which adds a touch of smokiness and saltiness. A hint of Dijon Mustard gives it a bit of zest, while rosemary adds a lovely fragrance. It's like taking a tasty trip to the French countryside, especially as the warmth of Summer gradually gives way to the golden hues of Autumn.


Coq au Vin is a renowned French classic, once considered a rustic, countryside specialty. In our interpretation, we've added a special touch by roasting grapes alongside the chicken. These roasted grapes impart a delightful blend of tartness and sweetness, skillfully balancing the richness of the sauce while sharing their sweet juices with the dish as they cook. This twist pays homage to the French wine regions that gave birth to this iconic dish.


Macaroni and cheese, a universally cherished dish, combines the best of two beloved food groups: pasta and cheese. This classic is especially enticing during the chilly autumn months when we yearn for something piping hot and comforting. In our rendition, we've embraced the flavours of fall, adorning it with a Hazelnut and Mushroom crust that adds a delightful twist to the creamy cheese sauce. 


On a drizzly autumn day, there's simply nothing more delightful than snuggling up with a piping hot cup of tea and a slice of carrot cake. In this twist on the traditional treat, I've elevated the cake with the gentle, fragrant embrace of cardamom. To add an intriguing Middle Eastern touch to the customary cream cheese or buttercream frosting, I've chosen to grace it with sweetened labneh. As the rain taps on the window, those autumnal downpours have magically transformed into a cozy sanctuary, welcoming us to bask in the season's comforting embrace.


This hearty winter potato delight is most appreciated when your hunger is at its peak and the weather is chilly. It harmoniously blends buttery potatoes, savory bacon, and the pungent Reblochon cheese, creating a rich and indulgent French winter classic. Our twist on this beloved dish includes a hint of truffle oil, which imparts a delicate earthy aroma to this cheesy, wintertime gem.


Butternut squash not only imparts a sweet and velvety contrast to the bold spices but also holds a special place as one of our favourite seasonal ingredients. This squash-based curry embodies the heartiness of autumn produce, making it the perfect vegan choice to satisfy even the heartiest of appetites as we celebrate the abundance of October's offerings.


In this particular version, we've infused the essence of autumn by incorporating Venison and Blackberry, adding a delightful seasonal twist.
The lean, flavorful venison meat, expertly smashed on the grill, combines with the sweet and tangy notes of blackberry jam to create a harmonious balance of flavors. Nestled within a soft, toasted bun, these burgers are the ultimate choice for savouring the rich, savoury, and slightly sweet tastes of autumn.


Guinea fowl and wild mushroom pies are the epitome of a perfect seasonal recipe for October. These pies bring a warmth and richness to our tables. The succulent, tender Guinea fowl meat pairs seamlessly with the earthy, heady flavours of wild mushrooms, making it a delightful combination that captures the essence of the season. 
Eating seasonally is a delightful way to harmonise with nature's rhythms, relishing the diverse and delectable offerings of each season. It is not only a delicious way to enjoy fresh, locally sourced food, but it's also an environmentally friendly choice too. And really, October has some pretty wonderful produce to cook with. What's not to love?

Let us know what your favourite Autumnal recipes are in the comment section below. We'd love to know!


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