15 JANUARY 2021
You may or may not have gathered but we're pretty obsessed about all things edible - and a few more things too! As we regularly stumble upon some great finds, food or no, and we thought we'd share our favourites with you!

Being both heavy coffee drinkers, and like 95% of the London population, brunch fans, we never tire of scouring the capital for great brunch spots. Turns out, the Kiwis (and Aussies) do it best, and none is a better example than Ozone Coffee Roasters.

Whilst we’d been frequenting the original Ozone near Old Street for some time, we had yet to try their second location near London Fields in Hackney. We jumped on the occasion of being up early on a Saturday to head there. From the outside, the large forest green building is hard to miss. Inside, the plywood booths with their green upholstery are minimalist yet cozy.

With at least 7 different brewing styles, from the reassuring long black to the batch brew, or v60 for the connoisseurs, the coffee selection is here to impress. And indeed, it does! You can pick from different coffee origins too. They come accompanied by a little informative card that expands on the sourcing and coffee producers.

The same attention to detail can be found in the food, which is seasonal and has a focus on sustainability. We had Turkish eggs with labneh and mushrooms on toast with a poached egg which were both scrumptious. This spot is definitely not to miss if you’re after a tasty London brunch and brew!

How About You?

What have been your discoveries and these last few weeks? Let us know as we always enjoy hearing what you stumbled upon as we get to discover lots of new things!


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