Dusty Knuckle bakery's fundraising brings in the dough

20 AUGUST 2021
You may or may not have gathered but we're pretty obsessed about all things edible - and a few more things too! As we regularly stumble upon some great finds, food or no, and we thought we'd share our favourites with you!
Dusty Knuckle, based in Dalston is without question one of our favourite bakeries in London, especially when it comes to their potato sourdough and sarnies.

During lockdown, the entrepreneurial team came up with the Milk Float, a brilliant little bread-mobile that would go around East and North London’s neighbourhoods to deliver their delicious loaves, pastries and sausage rolls after announcing their postcode destination via social media.

Their next move was to raise a Kickstarter campaign in March 2021 in order to enable them to expand their original spot and open a second bakery. The popular team managed to raise £40,000 in just 24 hours, and altogether over £90,000 making it possible for them to open their second bakery in Haringey this July.

And so finally, as one of the backers, I picked up the Dusty Knuckle limited edition poster I had pledged against!

Not only am I delighted to support this brilliant London bakery but DK also supports young offenders or those at risk of crime with training programmes and employment opportunities which feels like such an incredible social mission to back. Turns out there can be more to a loaf of bread, and we are here for it!

What is your favourite local bakery? Wether it's in London or not, we love to hear your favorite finds. 

How About You?

What have been your discoveries and these last few weeks? Let us know as we always enjoy hearing what you stumbled upon as we get to discover lots of new things!


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