15 JANUARY 2022
You may or may not have gathered but we're pretty obsessed about all things edible - and a few more things too! As we regularly stumble upon some great finds, food or no, and we thought we'd share our favourites with you!

Always on the lookout for some live jazz in London, I was delighted to find this brilliant spot in our neighbourhood. Located near Angel's Regent’s canal, Plaquemine Lock looks inviting with its turquoise tiled front, abundant greenery and coral chairs.

The pub has live music Mondays & Tuesdays, plus Saturday & Sunday for brunch with an everchanging cohort of Blues & Jazz performers. We thoroughly enjoyed the lively yet soothing music played that evening.

The food, centred around Creole and Cajun dishes is authentic and comforting whilst being unpretentious. The restaurant, we learned later, was set up by Jacob Kenedy, also known in London for his cooking at Bocca di Lupo and Gelupo (my absolute favourite ice cream shop) in Soho. Interestingly, there is personal history behind this venture. Kenedy's great-grandfather built a lock in the Louisiana town of Plaquemine, from which the pub’s name stems from.

This might explain the relaxed and family atmosphere you can experience there. There, you can leisurely be enjoying your plate of gumbo or jambalaya whilst tapping away along with the tune. Plaquemine Lock is an excitingly different addition to the Islington food and live music scene. It's definitely, somewhere you’ll find us at recurringly!

How About You?

What have been your discoveries and these last few weeks? Let us know as we always enjoy hearing what you stumbled upon as we get to discover lots of new things!


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