15 JANUARY 2022
You may or may not have gathered but we're pretty obsessed about all things edible - and a few more things too! As we regularly stumble upon some great finds, food or no, and we thought we'd share our favourites with you!
Sam and I LOVE pickles, especially in the form of krauts and kimchis. Not only does it do wonders for your gut health, but it also adds an addictive side pep to pretty much any meal, that we can’t get enough of.

Eager to know the secrets behind such delicious foodstuff, we embarked on a pickling and preserving class, led by Kylee Newton, the founder of preserving brand Newton & Pott. With over 8 years of experience in pickling and preserving and two cookbooks, it is fair to say that Kylee is pretty knowledgeable about the various method to make fruit and vegetables last.

During our class, we followed Kylee’s demonstration and learned how to create two types of pickles. We made a quick gin, pepper & cucumber pickle as well as a red cabbage ferment. She delved into the process for each as well as the tips in ensuring fermentation success for our kraut. Our class was 2h30, but it frankly could’ve gone on for much longer considering how much more I wanted to learn!

This was our first try at a preserving class, but certainly not our last, now that we had a taste of it.  Is this something you already do or want to learn? If you're keen you can find all of Kylee's recipes in her Modern Preserver book. It's a true treasure trove for everything pickled, chutney'd,  jamed and preserved!

How About You?

What have been your discoveries and these last few weeks? Let us know as we always enjoy hearing what you stumbled upon as we get to discover lots of new things!


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