By Carmen | 15 November 2023
Eating seasonally comes with limitations but most importantly a whole host of benefits. Seasonal foods are inherently fresher and more nutritious, delivering much, much more flavour to your dishes. 

Come November and we are well entrenched in the last weeks of Autumn. The clocks have (alas yet again) moved back, the nights are dark and we want nothing more than to retreat and cosy up at home with a warm drink. If it wasn’t for the Christmas shopping here and there I would be in danger of becoming a recluse early on.

What this means is that the Autumn harvest is nearing its end too. That is not to say that there is not plenty of fruit and vegetables to enjoy this time of year. I always look forward to chestnuts, usually at peak season (although not prevalent this year), and the many root vegetables available.

By savouring British fruits and vegetables in their prime, you also nourish your body with the nutrients it craves and is meant to consume at this time of year. As one season ends, another beckons with a new array of tempting delights, making seasonal eating an endless journey of pleasure, variety, and discovery.

Here's a guide to what to eat in November in the UK, according to the natural seasonal produce


  • Apples: Although apple season starts to wind down in November, many British apple varieties are still available. You’ll find Gala, Bramley, Braeburn, Cox, and Russet amongst others. Apples are wonderful in warm and cosy desserts this time of year or as the ultimate go-to snack. 
  • Beetroots: These root vegetables are in season for a large part of the year from July to January and are especially brilliant for winter meals. The robust and versatile nature of beetroots makes them a delightful addition to both sweet and savoury creations. Roast them for a warm and hearty side, toss them in vibrant salads, or blend them into velvety soups to make the most of their peak freshness.
  • Brussel Sprouts, and Cabbages: November heralds the start of the season for cruciferous vegetables like Brussel sprouts, sprout tops and cabbages. Bursting with nutty and slightly sweet flavours, they are at their peak until February. Embrace their versatility by roasting them to a delightful crisp, sautéing with savoury herbs, or incorporating them into flavorful stews. Whether they're a cherished part of your Sunday roast spread or a regular side dish throughout Winter, November is the perfect time to start savouring the robust taste and nutritional benefits that Brussels sprouts and cabbages bring to your seasonal table.
  • Carrots: Carrots have not one but two seasons - a late spring one and a late Autumn one, but can also be cellared or covered to enable them to be still available through the winter months. Vibrant and versatile, carrots bring a burst of colour and flavour to various dishes. Whether enjoyed raw as a crisp snack, grated in salads, or cooked through roasting or boiling, Carrot's sweet taste complements a variety of recipes and makes wonderful standalone side dishes too.
  • Celeriac: The knobbly root vegetable has a mild celery-like flavour. Pretty underrated, it’s a versatile vegetable that can be cooked in a variety of ways: mash it up, use it in soup, or add it to your roasted vegetable medley. 
  • Celery: Offering a crisp and refreshing addition to your seasonal dishes, celery reaches its prime from late summer through November. The slender and versatile vegetable, with its subtle earthy flavour and satisfying crunch, enhances soups, stews, and salads, providing a fresh counterpart to heartier autumn fare.
  • Chestnuts: Chestnuts really come in full force in November, making them the star produce of the month. Peeling chestnuts is a time-consuming task, best tackled when you have some leisure time. Cut slits or crosses in the shells, part-cook the nuts by roasting, and then peel them to reveal the chestnuts. This be a bit finicky but is easier while the nuts are warm. Once peeled, chestnuts can be cooked in a variety of ways often to the consistency of cooked potatoes but with a wonderful nutty taste.
  • Chicory: Typically in prime season during the late autumn and winter months chicory’s peak season spans from October through March. Chicory is a cool-weather crop, and during these months, the cooler temperatures enhance its flavour and texture. Known for its slight bitterness, chicory adds a distinctive element to salads, but also comes into its own when cooked. Roasting or grilling chicory creates a delicious contrast of crispness and a nuanced bitterness, making it delicious as a savoury side dish, or even a star ingredient in flavorful gratins. 
  • Kale: As temperatures drop, kale thrives, with its peak availability from October through March. It's a hearty leafy green that can be used in salads, sautéed as a side dish, or added to smoothies for a nutritional boost.
  • Leeks: Leeks are a staple in November. Cook them until just tender, as undercooked leeks are tough, and overcooked ones become a tad squidgy. Braising, boiling, or steaming are suitable cooking methods, with braising taking 10 to 30 minutes depending on size. They're perfect for enhancing soups, stews, and accompanying potatoes and cheese in comforting autumn dishes.
  • 11. Parsnips: Resembling slightly bulbous carrots with a pale yellow colour, parsnips come into season from November until February. Easy-to-prepare and versatile root vegetables, simply wash, peel, trim, and cut them before enjoying as steam-cooked chunks, mashed or roasted.
  • 12. Pears: Pears continue to be available in November. They are typically picked slightly under-ripe and ripen further after picking. You may want to store them at room temperature to accelerate ripening before using them. Eat them fresh, poached, or baked into a cake. 
  • 13. Potatoes: While new potatoes have their prime season in spring and early summer, maincrop potatoes are harvested from late summer and stored for extended use through the autumn and into winter. Popular varieties like Desiree and King Edward shine in diverse applications. Endlessly versatile they make the perfect addition to soups this time of year, as well as simply roasted, as thick-cut chips, or creamy mash. 
  • 14. Pumpkins & Squash: The season for butternut, marrow, acorn, pumpkin and all things squash come to an end toward November. So make the most of them while you can! To prepare, use a large knife to cut the squash carefully, scoop out the seeds and fibrous strings, and then slice or dice as needed. Roast them, make creamy soups, warming stews or fragrant curries.
  • 15. Swede: A quintessential winter vegetable, is at its best from Autumn through winter and is typically harvested in the UK from September to February. With a subtle sweet and earthy flavour, swede can be mashed with butter and nutmeg, used in hearty stews or roasted until slightly crispy.
  • 16. Swiss Chard: These leafy greens, synonymous with health, can be enjoyed until November. The earthy flavour of Swiss chard makes it a perfect addition to soups or can be simply sauteed for a simple and nutritional side dish.
  • 17. Venison: Game meat like venison is in its prime in November. Explore various recipes for venison, such as slow-cooked stews, roasts, or venison burgers.
By embracing the natural seasonal produce available in the UK in November, you can enjoy the freshest, most flavourful ingredients while supporting local UK farmers and making a more sustainable choice too. Sounds pretty good, right?


This Autumn, celebrate the abundance of November by relishing the delicious, wholesome offerings provided at this time of year. Check out these flavourful seasonal recipes - promise you won't miss skipping your usual tomato shop!


Have you ever tried flamusse? It's a delightful and subtly sweet dessert, particularly popular in the Burgundy region. While less known than its cousin, the clafoutis, flamusse shines when made with seasonal apples. Its quick and easy preparation, coupled with its lightness, makes it a perfect choice to conclude a meal. Embrace the flavours of seasonal British apples in this charming Burgundian treat. 


Indulge in the comforting embrace of Boeuf Bourguignon, a revered French classic intertwined with the flavours of the season. The traditional dish is infused with the richness with the earthy essence of seasonal carrots, enhancing its warmth and depth. Paired with pearl barley, this dish pays homage to tradition while celebrating the bounty of the season.


Pastry perfection does exist in yhe for of this Turkey & Chestnut Pithivier, a delightful French-inspired creation that turns leftovers into a culinary masterpiece. Within the flaky layers of buttery puff pastry, succulent turkey and earthy chestnuts intertwine, that elevates the humble pie to a gourmet delight.


Set aside any outdated dinner party associations; Stroganoff has always been and continues to be a true delight. It's indulgent enough to warm your soul, with a nostalgic charm that brings a smile. Our vegetarian version places mushrooms at the forefront, offering a burst of earthy richness. Complemented by sweet, nutty chestnuts, this Stroganoff gains depth and texture, making it the perfect Autumnal treat. Ideal for a light meal for four or an even more indulgent feast for two!


Indulge in the rich tradition of parkin, a beloved British cake hailing from Northern England, notably cherished in Yorkshire and Lancashire. Historically savoured in November after the oat harvest, parkin has become synonymous with Guy Fawkes Night or Bonfire Night on November 5th. Elevate the classic cake by incorporating juicy pears, topping it with roasted hazelnuts, and drizzling a foolproof treacle caramel sauce for an extra layer of excitement.


Elevate your carrot game this November with our Marmalade-Glazed – a delightful twist on the classic orange-carrot combo. Sweet, tart marmalade and a hint of caraway seeds turn these seasonal gems into the main attraction, stealing the spotlight at your dinner table. It's not your average side dish; it's a flavour-packed November showstopper that'll have you reaching for seconds. 


On a drizzly autumn day, there's simply nothing more delightful than snuggling up with a piping hot cup of tea and a slice of carrot cake. In this twist on the traditional treat, I've elevated the cake with the gentle, fragrant embrace of cardamom. To add an intriguing Middle Eastern touch to the customary cream cheese or buttercream frosting, I've chosen to grace it with sweetened labneh. As the rain taps on the window, those autumnal downpours have magically transformed into a cozy sanctuary, welcoming us to bask in the season's comforting embrace.


Our obsession with roast potatoes reaches new heights as we marry the classic brown butter and sage duo. Experience the nutty richness that elevates these golden beauties to exquisite perfection. But wait, there's a twist! We've offset the opulence with a burst of citrusy freshness from orange zest, creating the perfect harmony for your November feast. Because when it comes to potatoes, we don't settle for anything less than perfection.


This is Roasted Butternut Squash in all its glory. We've taken the sweet embrace of our favourite squash and elevated it with maple syrup and the fragrant addition of sage. But hold on, the pièce de résistance – crisp, caramelized walnuts for that irresistible crunch. 


In this particular version, we've infused the essence of autumn by incorporating Venison and Blackberry, adding a delightful seasonal twist.
The lean, flavorful venison meat, expertly smashed on the grill, combines with the sweet and tangy notes of blackberry jam to create a harmonious balance of flavors. Nestled within a soft, toasted bun, these burgers are the ultimate choice for savouring the rich, savoury, and slightly sweet tastes of autumn.


Dive into the pumpkin spice mania that comes along this time of year with these Pumpkin Spice Cookies! Infused with homemade pumpkin spice, luscious pumpkin puree, and the magic touch of maple-roasted pecans, these cookies are an irresistible temptation. 
Eating seasonally is a delightful way to harmonise with nature's rhythms, relishing the diverse and delectable offerings of each season. It is not only a delicious way to enjoy fresh, locally sourced food, but it's also an environmentally friendly choice too. And really, November has some pretty brilliant produce to cook with. What's not to love?

Let us know what your favourite Autumnal recipes are in the comment section below. We'd love to hear them!


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